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Wire Rope safety barrier

Wire Rope safety barrier

One of the main issues in road transport that has attracted the attention of all managers, experts and governments is the issue of safety. Safety is an issue that is related to the lives, property and health of the citizens of any country. Attention and importance to the issue of safety gives a humanitarian face to governments.


Cable shielding has been implemented in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania for tens of thousands of kilometers since 1992, and due to its simple installation and reasonable price, it has seriously reduced human casualties and financial losses in these countries.


Objectives of cable protection in Iran:



1- Reduction of casualties: According to the tests performed in the standard tests of EN1317 in Europe and NCRP350 in the United States, casualties in the vehicle hit by the cable shield have been drastically reduced and the number of injured has been significantly reduced.

2- Reducing financial losses: Due to the fact that the cable shield absorbs all the energy of the impact, prevent the car from overturning or returning to the road and subsequent accidents, In addition, if the car hits the cable guard, the car will be less damage than the guardrail and New Jersey.

3- Reducing maintenance costs.

4- Entering new knowledge and technology and transferring it to the country.

5- Creating new jobs for specialized forces and training of skilled executive forces for the production and installation of cable guards.

Cable shield has the following advantages:

1- With simple installation and execution, it has the highest safety factor in safety guards.

2- Less cost is paid in execution and maintenance during 10 years of operation.

3- Damage to the passenger and the vehicle is drastically reduced due to the absorption of energy from the impact and flexibility.

4- Having the minimum Occupancy level among different safety guards, which will ultimately reduce road construction costs.

5- Having a cable safety guard at the scene of the accident after the initial collision: If the bases are bent after the vehicle collides with the cable safety guard, but the cable returns to its place after the initial flexibility and before repair, in another vehicle collision at the same point It works effectively.

Wire Rope safety barrier  Wire Rope safety barrier

Wire Rope safety barrier

Wire Rope safety barrier
Wire Rope safety barrier

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