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barbed wire


Barbed wire is one of the most important pillars of security fencing, which is implemented in the upper and central part of the fence.


The use of barbed wire, in addition to increasing security, adds to the beauty of the work. To use barbed wire on the fence, first the type of barbed wire is specified and then the execution operation is performed.




Types of barbed wire


Barbed wire is divided into linear and circular. The linear type is a string of galvanized wire that is barbed by sharp barbed wire. The circular type is available in two forms.




Linear barbed wire


Barbed wire consists of two strands of galvanized wire and is mostly used in fencing lands, pastures and natural resources, prisons, military centers and airports.


It is packaged in a coil and depending on the customer's needs, the packages are usually between 15 to 25 kg and depending on the orders and the thickness of the wire, the weight of the coils varies. The reasons for the popularity of this product are fast installation and opening, high durability, flexibility when installed in different lands and environments, light in transportation and lower cost than other methods.




Ring barbed wire


Supply of ordinary ring barbed wire for enclosing gardens and agricultural lands - security areas and increasing the security factor of environments.


Ordinary ring barbed wire consists of a main spring of hard spring steel with a main diameter of 2.5 mm and a barb diameter of 2 mm.


The whole ring barbed wire is galvanized with a quality of 180 grams per square meter. The tensile strength of these barbed wires is 140 kg per square millimeter, which has created a good resistance. The diameter of a typical ring barbed wire is 60 cm and 90 cm, with a 60 cm diameter roll that is about 10 meters long. The 90 cm diameter roll opens about 15 meters long.




Circular barbed wire


Barbed wire is one of the most widely used ring barbed wire for security fencing. Barbed wire is an ax made of galvanized wire that is reinforced by ax-shaped blades.


The axis of the axed barbed wire is made of high carbon wire and has a very high resistance to moisture - natural factors and physical pressures.


Tabari barbed wire is produced from 60 cm to 90 cm in diameter. 60 cm Tabari barbed wire will cover 9 to 13 meters as standard.


Barbed wire covers a diameter of 90 cm from 13 to 17 meters as standard.


In general, the annular barbed ax is a very suitable complement for artificial fencing, such as fencing and fencing using chain nets.


The use of barbed ax in combination with linear barbed wire is fully applicable and significantly increases the security of the fence.


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